Black Manse

Black Manse

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44 pages, casebound hardcover with black ribbon bookmark, 8.5 x 5.5 inches. Full color. New.

"Long ago, the Gungish Papacy decided to war with Hell. In their hubris, they were rebuffed, thousands of zealot paladins routed from the infernal planes to be reviled for their smoking wounds and sin-mutated limbs once they returned to the surface. Some weren’t lucky enough to leave. One of them clawed his way back to the land of the living, armor soot-black and fused to his not-quite-mortal flesh. The Arch-Vicar 'rewarded' him, relegating him to a tract of cold woods and stark hills in the far reaches of the Empire, to rule over this rambling mess of rooms and halls for evermore."

The newest creation from the twisted mind of Micah Anderson.

Enter the demesne of a hellish anti-paladin and uncover his plans for world domination. Steal dread tomes full of eldritch knowledge. Destroy a cult dedicated to burrowing through the worlds—or join them!

Written for Bastards. but easily adapted other, similar systems. Contains adult themes, gore, and horror.

These Folks Seem To Like It

“A modern classic in the vein of such luminaries as Tegel Manor and Palace of the Vampire Queen, Black Manse takes the sprawling gothic manor concept and elevates it not through padded trivia or too-clever mechanisms but by that rarest and yet most humble of treasures—good writing and a palpable joy for the medium. 3000/10 bats in the belfry.” – Concordia Vetiver

“More than a look into the abyss—it is a march for your life through it. And one must have hope to survive this march.” – Max D.