So You've Been Thrown Down A Well

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60 pages, staple-bound softcover, A5. Full color. New.

After a long fall, you've landed on something soft. A bit squishy and
squelchy, really. And moving. Is it... a worm?

Plunge into the Judicial Well in search of redemption (and
possibly escape!) in this fully illustrated adventure, So You've
Been Thrown Down a Well.

You will also find 6 well-worthy backgrounds for your players to
choose from, as well as a handy list of 36 objects thrown in the
well (other than you): Well-dwellers and worm-cultists, flooded
tunnels, weird mushrooms, and some invertebrates that might
be lunch... or allies! Up to you!

This adventure is intended for use with the Troika! rpg. If you
aren't familiar with Troika!, you should be! It's a rules-light,
completely wacky RPG by the Melsonian Arts Council*. We're
big fans of the surreal fiction it prompts. In fact, it prompted "So
You've Been Thrown Down A Well"!

By Ember & Ash.