Into the Black Ashcan

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INTO THE BLACK is a sci-fi adventure game using the Pink Hack system. Somewhat of a personal love letter to the Mass Effect franchise, Into the Black is a picaresque adventure game where the players must navigate and explore a strange and wonderous galaxy while deeply indebted to an interstellar corporation. Life among the stars, then, is about treading the razor's edge of struggling for survival and finding joy and love where one can.

This is a TEXT-FREE, PRE-LAYOUT EDITION. Into the Black was previously released as an ashcan and is now in the final processes of layout in order to bring it to print. This new edition is twice the size, split up into three books, and features:


  • A 0-Level funnel character creation system for generating grist for the capitalist's wheel
  • Six backgrounds, two classes, and a carousing-based XP system
  • A three-stat OSR-inspired framework built atop games such as Into the Odd, Mausritter, Whitehack, and The Vanilla Game, easily adaptable for your OSR of choice
  • A 1d20/2d6 mechanism resolution system
  • A list of 36 kinetic abilities


  • Hireable crew
  • Land, hover and aerial vehicles
  • Spaceships, modular spaceship customization, and spaceship combat
  • Trade and trade goods as well as investments, passage, and freight
  • Travel, navigations and misfortune


  • Corporations and factions
  • Capers and missions
  • Credit, galactic standards and equipment
  • Die-drop galaxy mapping
  • Planetary generators
  • NPC generators
  • Miscellanea


    "The result is a homespun corner of space full of potential. An emergent story of local warlords or ancient tech can play out, or the group can soak in the emotional melange of finding a series of barren, if beautiful, landscapes while they watch the twin suns dance below several horizons."
    -Chase Carter, Dicebreaker