The Icarus

The Icarus

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Every space-jockey knows the story of the Icarus. That old cautionary tale: a salvage-crew captain looking to beat their deadline by slingshotting across a planet’s gravitational pull, a miscalculation on the jump, a ship adrift in dark space for aeons. Nobody really knows what happened to the crew, though there are stories - that, hopelessly off course and without enough fuel to get home, they fell victim to the madness brought on by the endless void. That the captain attempted to jettison the crew, to claim the entire salvage for themselves. That whatever they found out there was worth dying for. Killing for.

But what if the Icarus was found? What if, after untold centuries adrift in the beyond, it wandered close enough to an inhabited system that its IFF pinged a long-range scanner? What might a modern-day salavge team find in that decaying, ancient hull?


The Icarus is an incursion for Jesse Ross's Trophy RPG