A Rocky Road

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The Rocky Road is a wind-swept taiga sixteen days north from the alkali scrublands of the southern Golden Empire of Enen and a fortnight west of the topless towers of the snow elfs. This is a vast, sprawling wilderness of rolling hills, of snow-capped peaks, of lush, verdant forests of larchwood and stately pine, and of cool, dark streams. This is not a land people travel willingly, and you are likely no exception; said to contain treasures mysterious and magical from before the Great Thaw, when the snow elfs ruled everything north of the Great Swamp, it has become a haunt of dwimmer and worse things. Few caravans travel this far north; those that do are rare and expensive to secure passage.

To find the treasures of the Rocky Road, you must travel where the caravans do not.

This is an introductory OSR mini-hexcrawl for Jared Sinclair's The Vanilla Game and is the second entry in the H-series of adventure modules. It contains 18 pages of encounters, plot hooks and a map for level 1 characters to explore and can be used as a standalone hexcrawl adventure for when PCs are traveling from one region to another or as the basis of a longer campaign.