Barrow of thge Bugbear

Barrow of thge Bugbear

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“It’s bugbears that done stole my goats,” Enid says knowingly, thrusting the stem of her pipe in your direction as the porch creaks beneath the weight of her rocker. “Bugbears. ‘Ol Heck says its just wolves, but I know better. You’re a’spose to be adventuring types - you gonna do something about it, or not?”

The tracks lead away from the goat-pen and through the woods to a torch-lit cavern. Strange noises echo from within - whatever’s down there, it certainly isn’t a wolf…

Barrow of the Bugbear is a trifold pamphlet dungeon and the third of the Little Coffins series.  Each Little Coffin is compatible with BRIGHTHAMMER (@hyvemind), Bastards. (@micaholism), The Vanilla Game (@infinite_mao), PINKHACK (@monkeyspawgames), and other OSR games.

words by N. Masyk

maps and art by Daniel Walthall (@Axebane)