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There is a story. A story of mountains rich in ore, of soil rich in nutrients, of forests rich in game. A land where the locals and their Bosses went to war over the soul of those hills and hollers, a war that nobody won and everybody lost. A war that watered the hungry grasses with blood, until those grasses grew and grew and grew until they sucked the life out of everything else. Until nothing but the grass was left.

The story says the Bosses went back to their cities, and the locals found other hills to mine, other plots to till. All that rich soil, all those deep veins in the earth, all those woods full of meat and fur and bone - all just waiting, for someone to stake their claim, to find the deeds left behind. After all, land’s the only thing they ain’t makin’ more of.

And all that’s in the way is a little bit of grass.

The Flash is an incursion for Jesse Ross's Trophy RPG.