Secret Bastard Dungeon

Secret Bastard Dungeon

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Duke Nigenard spent decades tirelessly in the pursuit of forbidden magicks to produce the ‘perfect heir.’ When he at last succeeded, she had him assassinated almost immediately by bricking him up in his secret laboratory. Centuries later, rumours persist that beneath the ruins of Lady Chrysocolla’s summer palace lies the old Duke’s dungeon, haunted by the Lady’s bastard siblings...

Each Little Coffin is compatible with BRIGHTHAMMER (@hyvemind), Bastards. (@micaholism), The Vanilla Game (@infinite_mao), PINKHACK (@monkeyspawgames), and other OSR games.

words by N. Masyk

some artwork used with permission by Charles Ferguson-Avery of Feral Indie Studio.

other art used with permission by Jason Glover.

the Random Adventure Jam is thanks to Chris Bisette.