Time Knife

Time Knife

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 The world blurs into shape, and that shape is fractal; a million-million shattered realities, folding into each other like thin sheets of metal forming a single blade, a blade dangling overhead, a temporal Sword of Damocles, smoking with bloody execution. Around you; swirling, churning chaos: a golden staircase, walls of polished marble, etched with mystic runes.

You have little to no memory of where you are, or what has brought you here. The figures at your side are familiar but unrecognized, like staring at your own reflection through a fogged mirror.

“FOOLS,” a voice from on high booms. 

Far, far above, the Warlock cackles wildly, mantled in coruscating sorcerous power. The ritual nears completion.

TIME KNIFE is a short adventure for Troika! 

This product is an independent production of The Melsonian Arts Council.

Redistribution without prior written consent is prohibited. Permission is granted to photocopy and otherwise reproduce for personal use. The author retains the right to be identified as such. In all cases this notice must remain intact.