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A myriad past, in that formless Long Ago, a cadre of death-worshipping elfs committed sins wondrous and terrible to master death. The eight most powerful of their ilk succeeded and so through means vampiric, alchemical or otherwise blasphemous descended below mortality to fester spider-like in the center of their web of ziggurats for all eternity. Left with an eternity to hone their hedonism, a great and terrible city festered or perhaps stagnated around them, springing up upon the salty shores of a preternaturally warm river, surrounded by frost-gripped mountains and endless, sweeping plains.

The journey to Azzakkastrin is a difficult one. There is great profit to be had from that blighted place, but great risk - whether it be the strange delights of hedonist immortals tempt travelers to remain, or the labyrinthe contracts and dark bargains proffered by the strange beings that lurk in that accursed place ensnare the foolish and the unwary, few return from the perfumed alleyways of those deathless elfs.

Fenugreek is #4 in a series of short hex- and dungeon-crawls for the PINKHACK system, but are easily adaptable to the OSR system of your choice. Each DOOMCRAWL is inspired by the iconic Special Herbs beat tracks by MF DOOM.

What's in this edition?

  • 1d6 Rumors, Reasons for Visiting, and Factions
  • An 8-node pointcrawl across a city rife with terrible wonders and wonderful terrors
  • Encounters, treasure, puzzles, traps
  • 41 pages of adventure!
  • Artwork used with permission by Charles Ferguson-Avery of Feral Indie Studio