Kanabo: Expert Rules

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KANABO is a rules-light pen-and-paper fantasy role-playing game set loosely in Tokugawa-era Japan (1600–1868) and based on iconic sword-fighting genre movies set in that time period, with cultural consulting by James Mendez Hodes (@LulaVampiro). This is a trio of supplements for the base game.


This is a digital-only product. Print edition TBA. 

Within the 28-page Expert Rule Supplement, you'll find:

  • Additional Stats including Saves, Stress, Grit, and a Level and treasure-based Experience Points system
  • Character archetypes and a Skill system
  • Expanded Travel, Camping, Foraging, Hunting and Exploration rules
  • Expanded combat rules
  • Stress, Panic, and character retirement
  • Expanded Hirelings
  • Expanded Weapons and Armor


Within the 35-page Monsters & Treasure Supplement, you'll find

  • 22 different allies & antagonists to encounter, ranging from natural creatures to pirates, feudal knights, and warrior-monks
  • Encounter lists arranged by the major biomes of feudal Japan
  • 31 types of treasure hoards to discover
  • 10 variety of coins to amass
  • 55 trade goods
  • 19 artifacts
  • Maps to additional treasures

Within the Magic Supplement, you'll find

  • Spell Casting rules
  • 108 new spells to cast
  • Expanded treasure tables
  • 95 new magic weapons, armor, rings, potions, and other artifacts
  • 19 new magical creatures to encounter


Based on Christina Stone-Bush's Brighthammer, John Geary's Sledgehammer, and Sean McCoy's MothershipKANABO is an independent work compatible with Sledgehammer, Brighhammer and Mothership but not affiliated with Gayhalforc, HyveMynd or Tuesday Knight Games.