Nettle Leaves

Nettle Leaves

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NETTLE LEAVES is #8 in a series of short hex- and dungeon-crawls. Each DOOMCRAWL is inspired by the iconic Special Herbs beat tracks by MF DOOM.

NETTLE LEAVES is a funnel dungeon for old-school fantasy RPGs. It is best suited for 10-20 players of 0-level, and assumes rules where the PCs gain levels for treasure. It was written mechanically and ideologically with Mausritter in mind, though is easily convertable into other rulesets.


The PCs have escaped a monstrous pursuer by fleeing into the briar patch; a realm of dream logic and supernatural mystery not wholly of this or any world. The briar patch represents safety, but also danger: it is a temporary sanctuary at best, and poses dangers of its own. It has two key complications for the PCs:

  • The Dry Nettles: are sharpclosely-woven and highly flammable. There are no “doors” within the briar patch, only spots where the wall of nettles are thinner. 
  • Bruh Fox: lurks about the edges of the briar patch. PCs will have to move stealthily in any clearing against the map edges if they wish to avoid detection, which can result in a clawed paw or a snapping mouth smashing through bramble and briar to reach them.


In a funnel dungeon, players generate a party of 10-20 PCs with each player controlling 3-5 at a time. If a player loses all their PCs, another player can pass off control of one of their own to keep the game going; alternatively, generate replacements ahead of time and introduce them at the earliest convenience. Upon concluding the adventure the surviving PCs progress to level 1, gaining additional attribute and hit die increases as normal.

NETTLE LEAVES words and layout by Noora Rose. Special thanks to Cat Elm and the Penicillin crew.

NETTLE LEAVES is an independent production by Monkey's Paw Games and is not affiliated with Losing Games. It is published under the Mausritter Third Party Licence.

Mausritter is copyright Losing Games.

in loving memory of Daniel Dumile AKA MF DOOM.