The Man and The Stag

The Man and The Stag

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22 pages. A5 staple-bound softcover. Color cover, B&W interior. New.

A game for two players where they tell stories and play out scenes about the unusual The Man who stays in their cabin in the woods and alone... except for The Stag from the copse who wants to influence the world of man with magic. Whether this connection leads to a revelation or condemnation does truly depend on the cards.

The Game

  • Two players 
  • One deck of cards, no Jokers, no Aces (shuffle once to start but then don’t shuffle any cards unless instructed!) 
  • Paper (3+ sheets) & pencils for a map, world characters list, and a timeline 
  • Script Change RPG Toolbox 
  • 4-6 hours or two 3 hour sessions


Game design, some art, logo, and draft layout by Beau Jágr Sheldon and art by John W. Sheldon, Thomas Novosel, and Mx. Morgan. Final layout by John W. Sheldon.