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 Before the oceans drank Atlantis, they first drank deep of Askelion.

O! Fabled Askelion, blighted demesne of sorceror-thanes and the moon-touched, that eldritched fastness of profane ritual and sinister hedonism beneath the flickering emerald tint of a blighted aurora. Askelion, whose name was uttered with a dread whisper in the Long-Ago, before - mercy of mercies - her dim sun died or fled, and all the foul sorcerors and their fel servants were entomed as their Sphere became a blizzard-blown ball of ice.

Once a myriad, the flickering light of Nibiru waxes strongly enough to shift and rend that benighted glacier, exposing the highest eaves of one of Askelion’s accursed ziggurats. When that bale glow illuminates the storm-wracked sky, crews of the most damned bastards to have ever lived flock to Askelion like ravens after a kill, for safeguarded by curses, cold and whatever nefarious traps the sorceror-thanes set with their dying breaths lies a hoard of unimaginable wealth, including the legendary Crown of Thirteen Moons…

Shallots is #7 in a series of short hex- and dungeon-crawls for the PINKHACK system, but are easily adaptable to the OSR system of your choice. Each DOOMCRAWL is inspired by the iconic Special Herbs beat tracks by MF DOOM.

What's in this edition?

  • A 14-room dungeoncrawl in a frozen ziggurat!~
  • 2d6 Rumors of what wonderous treasure can be found!
  • 2d6 Encounters to terrify and imperil!
  • A steadily-thawing ice tomb, steadily flooding as the PCs explore...
  • 27 pages of ADVENTURE