Sumac Berries

Sumac Berries

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Know, o wanderer, that between the myriads when the Starless Seas rose and drank the gleaming spires of Gods and the time of the rising of the Queen of Swords, that there was a realm more dreamlike than a dream, lay spread across the Spheres like blue mantles beneath the stars - topless towers of gold, hills and valleys alive with music, rivers and forests splashing and swaying without wind. A priceless jewel in the dreaming west…

Sumac Berries is #5 in a series of short hex- and dungeon-crawls for the PINKHACK system, but are easily adaptable to the OSR system of your choice. Each DOOMCRAWL is inspired by the iconic Special Herbs beat tracks by MF DOOM.

What's in this edition?

  • 2d6 Rumors heard of the Dreaming West
  • 1d20 Misfortunes befalling unwary expeditions
  • 10 hexes to explore
  • 9 1d6 Discovery tables with Encounters, Treasure, and NPCs
  • 17 pages of Adventure