Tomb of the Theurge

Tomb of the Theurge

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Lamenys was the most feared necromancer Esseallon had ever seen, and when she died with her terrible plan to raise every corpse in the land unfinished, there was much rejoicing. So much rejoicing, in fact, that the matter of what do to with her hidden stronghold was forgotten in the revels.

The dreaded Compendium of Lamenys - her spellbook, the source of her malefic power - is still down there, waiting for some enterprising ne’er-do-wells to recover it. Some enterprising ne’er-do-wells like yourselves…

Tomb of the Theurge is a trifold pamphlet dungeon and the first of the Little Coffins series.  Each Little Coffin is compatible with BRIGHTHAMMER (@hyvemind), Bastards. (@micaholism), The Vanilla Game (@infinite_mao), PINKHACK (@monkeyspawgames), and other OSR games.

words by N. Masyk

maps and art by Daniel Walthall (@Axebane)