Tide Breaker

Tide Breaker

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Hardcover. Used.

Tide Breaker is a Tabletop RPG system that lets you step into the role of hyper-competent heroes and explore worlds that your group creates together from the ground up. Customize your abilities, get involved in clandestine plots, and engage in epic battles straight out of your favorite action movie against numbers of enemies that would overwhelm almost anyone! Of course, it’d just be a warm-up for you. At least until the Big Bad shows up.

In Tide Breaker, there's always the option to roleplay your way around problems with anyone using your masterful diplomacy and persuasion skills, if cinematographic combat is not your style. Unless of course you’ve spun yourself into a web of losing all Hope, spelling out your Doom. Your Hope and Doom are meta-currencies that may be used in both combat and non-combat situations. Players will use Hope to resolve situations favorably, while the GM will utilize the Doom resource to create a tug of war conflict that is instrumental to the roleplaying experience in Tide Breaker.

The clever use of Hope and Doom will offer your table strategic gameplay options that you can easily weave into the fabric of your group's campaigns and settings. The Stunt System within Tide Breaker allows you to fully customize your character’s and NPC’s abilities, creating some of the most unique and amazing combinations where only your imagination is the limit.  Impress your friends with Showstoppers, where the best stunts have a chance to Ignite, exploding your success into imaginative theatrical moments that you will never forget.