Black Pudding Issue #2

Black Pudding Issue #2

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24 pages, A5 staple-bound softcover, black & white. New.

Black Pudding Issue 2 by James V.West.

Shlep! Shlock! Here glorps issue #2 of Black Pudding, an OSR-styled zine of RPG goodness. It's a lurid conglomeration of hand-drawn bits and digital bobs to use at your table. Zlort this zine with Labyrinth Lord, Swords & Wizardry, OSRIC, or whatever you like.

This issue features goodies from the depraved minds of Matt Hildebrand and Karl Stjernberg. Character classes such as the Blind Guardian and Mouldwarp, The Vault of the Whisperer, Mace of the Ape King, a bunch of jerk NPCs, some magic weapons, death spells, and more!