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Comic Book, 40 full-color pages, 6.625″ X 10.187

Ben Passmore emerges from his gestational cockroach form in his post-apocalyptic wasteland (like you do), having been dumped by his half-ghost girlfriend, and feeling like maybe he’s learned a little bit more about himself. But then he sees that floating river of porn, and he’s back to his old strokes.

It’s another neon-colored night in Ben Passmore’s apocalyptic wasteland. Dwelling in a loft in a giant robot, surrounded by an army of mutant cops, three hipster demons critique and devour all culture that their fleet of drones pick up. When they snatch Ben’s river of porn, things. get. personal.

Ben and NoLimitz must fight through an army of mutant cops and some complicated family issues to seek out food and porn (you know, the essentials), which they believe are being held captive by culture-devouring hipster demons, hiding in the skull of a towering robot.