From the Mud

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8 pages. A4 folded, color. New.
Ain't no rest. Gods have long forsaken this place. What is left of magic is in their hands. And they use it to control - to keep people working even when they die.

The undead are empty shells, merely tools for their masters. But not you. You still got a soul and a desire for revenge. 

Gather your comrades. Take the powerful down.

This is a Souls Like Cairn Hack in mini zine format. It's about a group of dead soldiers gathering people and resources to overthrow tyrants.

From the Mud is a TTRPG and it assumes that you're familiar with other games in the genre.

Keep it safe

The oppression of marginalized people is part of the theme of the game.  But make sure that it appears as a thing to be confronted. Talk to your players about the topics that you want to explore and make sure everybody is always comfortable. 


  • The Spark from Laurie O'Connel and the concept of a revolutionary undead army;
  • InPlay#2 and a leftist approach to necromancy;
  • Legião and its undead soldier race;
  • Cairn as a base for the whole thing;
  • Mörk Borg and the use of metal aesthetics in a positive way;
  • And of course, Berserk and Dark Souls;
  • Last but not least, my motivation to inspire others to subvert controversial topics in the OSR community and make a better use of them.