Tomb of Immolation

Tomb of Immolation

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Softcover, used.

The Tomb of Immolation is a short but dense dungeon crawl with a variety of puzzles, traps, and role playing challenges to keep the players busy.

  • 80+ pages (truly, a hunk-a-burning love!)
  • Designed for a party of five 5th level characters
  • The party should have a character with the ability to turn undead 
  • The party should have a character with good disable device and lockpicking skills
  • Five new 5e and seven new OSR monsters described in the Bestiary
  • Three adventure hooks
  • Numerous new magic items described
  • Printer friendly maps and a set of five pre-generated player characters in both 5e and OSR formats provided in the appendices
  • Lavishly illustrated with 40+ tormented works of art by Michael Harmon

Explore an ancient prison-tomb that has been partially flooded with lava. 5e & OSR rules systems supported.

A thousand years ago, this region was a savage frontier patrolled by a brutal order of warriors calling themselves the Knights of Dorwine. Led by a charismatic but deranged human known as Archpriest Teluthel, the order was both a blessing and a curse for the locals. The Knights were reliable when monsters came around, but they also demanded a high tax from those they helped. The knights took food, gold, and family heirlooms, anything of value to continue funding their order.

Saba Nocri was a shaman-necromancer of some local repute who had settled in the region years before Teluthel’s Knights arrived. She mostly kept to herself and tried to avoid conflict with the Knights. But Teluthel discovered that she was helping people from the surrounding villages with potions and healing magic. The Knights of Dorwine did not appreciate the competition, and Teluthel’s deranged mind came up with a twisted plan to punish her forever.

Teluthel would build the ultimate punishment, a prison-tomb for Saba Nocri and her followers that would be an inescapable torment. He spent years designing and building the Tomb of Immolation, and his obsession eventually destroyed the order. The Knights of Dorwine eventually completed the construction of the tomb, captured Saba Nocri and her followers and apprentices, and then sealed them inside and cursed the Tomb. The prison entrance was buried under rocks and dirt, records of its construction and existence expunged, and all knowledge faded into history when the Knights of Dorwine disbanded shortly after Teluthel’s death about a year later.