Hideous Daylight

Hideous Daylight

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Enter a garden of earthly delights.

The sun has stopped setting over the king's favorite garden. It seemed like a harmless curiosity at first but the animals have turned violent and strange alien beings have appeared. The duke has placed a bounty for enterprising sell-swords to end the curse of endless daylight. 

Hideous Daylight is an adventure module for Old-School Essentials, Cairn, and compatible with other pen-and-paper RPGs with old-school sensibilities. Player characters will navigate a 20 point hex crawl to end the strange curse affecting the land. 

  • An adventure for low-level characters.
  • 33 pages of non-linear, character driven adventure in the OSR tradition. 
  • Two keyed dungeons and a 20 point hex-crawl.
  • A bucolic fantasy setting easily insertable into fantasy RPG campaigns.
  • Dangerous new monsters, weird magic items, and an unpredictable random encounters table.
  • Features two gazebos.