Where The River Meets The Sea

Where The River Meets The Sea

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48 pages. A5, full color, staple-bound softcover. New.

A land flowing with rivers of the inhuman substance that constitutes the blood of the divine.

The unsettled peoples of the area, hostile to those who live in stone dwellings.

Their wealth is carried in the beard, hair, rings, weapons. Blood crystals cling to skin like leeches. When they breathe deeply, The Deep lingers on their breath.

They purchase their independence through the sale of artefacts they find in the Deep. They name and bind such items. They can be found in courts throughout the Low Worlds.

To this land, a Thief has returned. They have taken The Figurehead of a Ship as a lover, and eloped. Without The Figurehead, The Ship cannot ply the Bitter Waters.

The scion of a War-God, nameless until they take up the mantle of their dead mother, makes furious demands and offers—knighthood, dominion, an ocean of blood-slicked plunder for the return of The Figurehead. They know that The Ship is the first step to ascension. Perhaps Travellers have heard of this offer—or covet The Ship themselves. Travellers are not the only ones hunting—Seekers, each with an agenda, have answered the call and infest the land in their hunting.

Where The River Meets The Sea is an adventure written for UNCONQUERED or your old-school science-fantasy TTRPG of choice. It is the first of the Monkey's Paw Games adventure series and written by the ineffable Luke Gearing, writer of such publications of note as of Wolves Upon the Coast, Gradient Descent, Fever Swamp, Acid Death Fantasy, and others.

Words: Luke Gearing
Layout: Noora Rose
Editing: Jarret Crader
Cover & Interior Art: Andrew Walter