Dancing Bullets under a Neon Sun

Dancing Bullets under a Neon Sun

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64 pages, 5.5" by 8.5" hardcover, color interior. Used.

An arthouse cyberpunk game in the style of the Old School Revival  based on The Black Hack

Dancing with Bullets Under a Neon Sun is a weird cyberpunk RPG for fans of the OSR. Although based on The Black Hack, it is not just a clone; with renamed classes, building on the system to create a new experience, introducing new mechanics to suit the setting and tone, and revamping character creation.

Dancing with Bullets Under a Neon Sun provides a unique ambiance to your cyberpunk game with the help of the wonderful neon-soaked isometric artwork of Dirk Leichty. Entering the Net isn't a mere hacking mini-game, it's a spiritual encounter between characters and a man-made electronic heaven. Technology is expensive, thrice recycled, and protected by arcane rituals only understood by wizard-scientists. Your characters aren't hackers or mercenaries—they're sharks, phreaks, and puppets.

The Black Hack core makes Dancing with Bullets Under a Neon Sun a simple, efficient role-playing experience, but the six attributes have been shifted to Might, Agility, Charm, Intellect, Perception, and Tech to fit the setting. Health mechanics have also been tweaked so that any attack—from any source—could theoretically be deadly.

Written by Chance Phillips. 

Other contributors include: Paul Gallagher, Dirk Detweiler Leichty, Matt Hildebrand, and Tyler Crumrine.