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Hardcover: 36 pages, case-bound hardcover, A5. Full colour. Navy blue ribbon bookmark.

Softcover: 36 pages, staple-bound softcover, A5. Full colour.

Includes PDF.

Chalice is a solo journaling role-playing game where you chronicle the perilous journey of a Grail-seeking knight in Arthurian England. During the game, you will tell the story of your Knight’s physical and spiritual descent as they quest for, and ultimately fail to find, the Grail. Your Knight’s quest is doomed. Their chivalric virtues will be surely undone by their fatal flaws and moral shortcomings.

To play you will need a deck of tarot cards, a pen and journal for recording your journey and deed, and a quiet place in which to divine, reflect and write. Play progresses through Prompts, delivered by the oracular tarot deck and interpreted by you.