Bastion on the Frontier

Bastion on the Frontier

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40 pages, staple-bound softcover, A6. Full color. New.

Bastion on the Frontier is a bastardized conversion of the classic dragon game module Keep on the Borderlands. A module loved by gamers for generations now gets a fresh overhaul for the exciting and deadly adventure game by Micah Anderson - bastards.

Known for its EPIC megadungeon, The Caves of Chaos, B2 is most likely the most played adventure setting - and you can play it for yourself in that After-school Revolution style of play!

Tackle the Grotto of Discord, explore the Lonely Bastion, evade wandering tribes of Lungfishfolk or the Wizened Crone and her Puma, infiltrate the marauders at Brigand's Rest, and chart new adventures in the Forgotten Caverns.