In Carmine

In Carmine

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17 pages, A5, staple-bound softcover. Color. New.

According to official records, Carmine is a dusty, distant, unremarkable planet with no recorded human habitation. It is merely another speck on the canvas of the infinite void of space. But those who know what Carmine truly is would tell you a different story.

In Carmine is a 17 page adventure for Mothership (or any other sci fi rpg) about a form of hyper-mutated, constantly replicating lab meat that's spread to infect an entire planet. The adventure is likely to last multiple play sessions and has advice for conversion into a one-shot or con game. 

In Carmine features:

  • 5+ statted creatures 
  • A hexcrawl across the planet of Carmine with specialized random encounters for each area.
  • A fully mapped delve into an abandoned genetic laboratory. 
  • Full infection rules for the Replication Virus and how it changes its victims.
  • Lots and lots of nasty meat imagery. 

CW: This adventure contains scenes of body horror and animal injury.