The Cleaning of Prison Station Echo

The Cleaning of Prison Station Echo

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52 pages, A5, staple-bound, color cover and interior. 

In The Cleaning of Prison Station Echo, PCs are nighttime janitorial staff brought in to clean a corporate-run, high-security prison. Their shift goes wrong when an accident in the hidden basement lab releases a rampaging horde of hallucinating test subjects from XeroCorp’s top-secret Super Soldier program. Trapped in lockdown, with all access to the outside world cut, PCs must navigate the chaos of crooked guards and desperate inmates. If they don’t solve the mystery hidden within the isolated prison moon quickly, the real “cleaners'' will erase all traces of their existence.

The Cleaning of Prison Station Echo is a 52-page, full-colour adventure and sandbox for the sci-fi horror RPG Mothership. Professionally laid out by Mothership designer extraordinaire Eric Hill and edited by Matthew K, the zine is chock full of adventure hooks, unique items, and a huge cast of scheming NPCs. The adventure is brought to life through the glorious psychedelic line art of Evlyn Moreau and fantastic maps by Guy Pradel.

The Cleaning of Prison Station Echo includes:

  • Hand-drawn maps of Prison Station Echo and the secret lab below by Guy Pradel.
  • 24 unique locations to carefully clean, explore, and take cover in. 
  • 17 unique NPCs including remorseless corporate hatchetman Major Jeborah Bradley, the lovable but malfunctioning station AI “Echo”, and everyone’s favourite shiftless head janitor, Jacob.
  • A bespoke panic table with 20 psychedelic X187 hallucinations for your PCs to suffer. 
  • Ad-hoc prison weapons, delectable bathtub booze, and jury-rigged escape apparatuses. Knives made out of carved soap and wood shavings? You better believe they got those in PS Echo.
  • Psychedelic, adorable, and terrifying original art, NPC portraits, and interior illustrations by Mothership alum, Evlyn Moreau.
  • A ticking clock counting the seconds till the real cleaning crew arrives… and these ones aren’t carrying buckets and mops. 

Plus, thanks to our 794 Kickstarter backers, every purchase of The Cleaning of Prison Station Echo also includes:

  • Domes of Deceit and Debauchery - a complete sandbox for campaign play on Carnath, the corporate war-torn world Prison Station Echo orbits. Fully illustrated and mapped with 5 factions, 12 new NPCs, and dozens of hooks for further adventure. 
  • GM Screen and ID Badges - A digital GM reference of key NPCs, threats, and items along with printable ID Badges for each of the NPCs you may come across in the prison.