The Drain

The Drain

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14 pages, staple-bound softcover, A5. Black and white interior, color cover. New.

The Drain is a tense level-0 funnel adventure for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG set in a combat-ravaged farming habitat.

Each player runs 4-5 level-0 prisoner-soldiers through the hellish battlefield of the colony ship Within Wheels. Their mission: win freedom by acquiring a legendary religious relic at the behest of their corporate jailors, PrayCo

The Wheel's hollow internal landscape of barren fields and rusting, bombed out structures swarm with monstrous bioengineered animals and lethal corporate relic hunters. Trenches, minefields, hull punctures and a stalemated battle bar passage from the high-gravity docking bays to the blasphemous prize waiting at the funnel's tip.

Simple farmers of the rotating colony ship Within Wheels starve as bargain InstaCrops wither on the vine. They turn to faith and ritual, concocting visions of a hell on earth from half-remembered traditions and commercialized lore. Bunker doors seal as their beacon calls upon believers to consecrate synthetic soil with holy blood.

The Drain takes a WWI influenced war-as-hell meat grinder and mashes it with bleak, occult survival horror themes drawn from video games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Darkwood. This 16-page zine is packed with everything you need to churn out a crop of battle hardened level-1 characters from level-0 rabble, including:

  •  Brand new rules for running carnage-filled funnels in Mothership.
  •  A funnel crawl map by Andrew Walter, gorgeously illuminated to chart the party's movement through the conical space.
  •  Vicious new items to arm your mob of funnel PCs.
  •  Art on every spread, including illustrations from Mothership creator Sean McCoy.