Moonlight on Roseville Beach

Moonlight on Roseville Beach

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160 pages, perfect-bound softcover, 7.75 x 5 inches. Full color. New.

A Queer Game of Disco & Cosmic Horror that Tabletop Magazine Calls a "Must Play"

Head west on Rose Island and you get to the pricey summertime communities like Saltwinne, Destiny Bay, or Dunewood. Head east and you’ll find exclusive resort towns like Pinewood Harbor, Charmington, and Sunken Oak. But those city kids and artists looking to get away for a long weekend, they’re heading right out to the middle of the island for that old gaycation getaway: Roseville Beach.

You play the amateur sleuths protecting this 1979 queer beach town from cosmic horrors, vindictive necromancers, fantastical beasts, and conservative politicians.

The 160-page game includes:

  • An introduction to Roseville Beach
  • Rules for character creation
  • Rules for playing and GMing, including creating mysteries, running romance, and even optional quick action mechanics
  • Over 20 Guest Stars: Ready-to-Run characters for anyone dropping into your campaign for a session or two
  • Secret GM information on multiple locations and people in Roseville Beach or on Rose Island
  • Five ready-to-run mysteries and a mystery idea generator to get your campaign started

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What People Are Saying

The pulpy goodness in Moonlight on Roseville Beach is a satisfying blend of familiar themes and genres that have been mixed together in such a way that feels absolutely unique. Between the occult mysteries, the vibrant queer community setting, and intense nostalgia, I can see this becoming many people's comfort game. It somehow manages to evoke all those guilty pleasure feelings of reaching for a vintage pulp story while also taking full advantage of contemporary knowledge of queer identities and cultures to create a thoughtfully inclusive experience.

Yeonsoo Kim, Women are Werewolves

Dangers can be amusing to address, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t deadly, and that lighthearted resolution shifts hard from humor to dark comedy, reflecting the hardened shell people have to develop when they have a limited number of people they can turn to that will understand them. This game doesn’t go out of its way to hit you with a baseball bat with the words 'important social issues' emblazoned on it, but it still hits you hard just by being unflinchingly what it is.

Jared Rascher, reviewing for Gnome Stew

Solving all of the problems of a modernish mystery game all in one, Moonlight thrives on a kind of Call of Cthulhu cosiness, a Vaesen-like genteelness, a purposeful mix of the old-fashioned and the arcane that strips neither of their humanity or magic.

Christopher J. Eggett, reviewing for Tabletop Gaming Magazine

Probably the RPG with the best art I've seen this year, at least! Also the RPG with the best advice on romance as plot I've ever seen, period.

Côme Martin, Two Summers and Meanwhile, in the Subway