The Cerulean Curtain

The Cerulean Curtain

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40 pages, staple-bound softcover, A5. Full color. New.

Spend a night in the dreaming theater where words cut deep and blood seeps upon the stage! The Cerulean Curtain is a demisphere existing within the dreamscape, where entrapped Gladiators perform their wet work upon The Scarred Stage under the eyes of the pedantic Director! 

Included in this 40 page adventurous setting is: 

  • Random tables for creating 3 Act plays set for the stage.
  • A handful of random tables of items and mishaps.
  • A mini Hex Crawl & Point Crawl. 
  • 9 new enemies, including a unique Gladiator generator.
  • 3 new Theatrical Combat Advanced Skills. Kill with your words!
  • 4 new spells!
  • 6 new backgrounds for use in any Troika game.

Delve into the mysteries of the theater, explore several areas of interest such as The Unconscious Pit where Gladiators devolve into forgotten sands, or The Set Betwixt, the labyrinthian domain of the Rope Ylves! Stretch your acting muscles upon The Scarred Stage belting soliloquies and skulls alike. Follow the visions of the Director to win your freedom, or rage against his dominion! But take caution, lest you forever lose aspects of yourself to The Cerulean Curtain...