The Toxic Wood

The Toxic Wood

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32 pages. 8.5 x 5.5, B&W staple-bound softcover. New.

The Toxic Wood is a deadly wilderness adventure for Old School Essentials.

The toxic wood is home to many strange entities; spiteful mutated horrors, ancient insectoid witch sisters, bloodthirsty redcaps, a mushroom witch and a corrosive dragon cult. Noxious gases produced by alien plants slowly coil through the air creating an endless red haze. Anything that is not part of the woods lethal eco-system is rapidly corroded, with all evidence of its existence erased within days.


  • Random tables 
  • Hooks and rumors for your players
  • Rules for surviving in the toxic wood using the orb and other means
  • 16 keyed hex locations
  • Backgrounds for characters to aid roleplay
  • New monsters 
  • Key NPCs 
  • A timeline of events for the DM to structure their sessions around
  • Flora of the wood
  • Random treasure tables
  • Prompts and resolutions for what happens if players take different actions