Where the Wheat Grows Tall

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44 pages. 5,5 x 8,5" digest. Color cover, black & white interior. New.

Where the Wheat Grows Tall is an old-school fantasy adventure for low level characters inspired by Slavic myth. Deeper than a dungeon crawl, this adventure is filled with personalities and relationships boiling beneath the surface. Cross the old stone wall and discover a different world that follows different rules in twenty keyed locations.

The adventure begins at the abandoned farm of the Polotnikov family. Spirits linger, and signs point to power beyond the wall. From here, players can choose from a variety of goals or entrances, weighing history for themselves.

The far side of the wall is governed by two ancient fey: The Noon Lady & The Midnight Maiden. Once wild spirits, then bound local gods, their idols now decay, forgotten behind forbidden fields. There they would quietly lay, but love and greed have upset the quiet balance and the Noon Lady reigns tall with scorching dominion.

The field beyond the wall is a mystery to explore, full of simple encounters and locations to draw the party deeper into the field, both literally and figuratively. Entreat with the ghosts of old wars, explore the rootbound tunnels of the Poleviks, or befriend Trull, the timid troll guarding the field’s solitary bridge.

Where The Wheat Grows Tall is 44 pages printed in a black & white digest format (5,5 x 8,5). It features over twenty black & white illustrations by Evlyn Moreau. Stat blocks are written to be compatible with old school game systems.