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A5, 44 pages, stapled, black and white interior. New.

Simple and fast character creation. Intense combat and weapon abilities. Risk/reward fatigue management. Dark Souls-inspired mechanics such as bonfires and respawning enemies. Runecairn is the Norse fantasy adventure you've been waiting for.

4 starting classes, 15 mysterious monsters, dangerous Viking weapons and armour.

Death is not the end.

Strap on your bearded axe and linden wood shield, delve into the forsaken barrow and cleanse the draugr within. They will overhwhelm you at first so prepare to die. But when you wake up at the bonfire, you'll know what to expect for your next attemptParry their attacks, disarm them, and hack them to pieces. Defeat the mad jotunn within and claim the soul remnant he protects.

Designed to be played with one warden and one player.