Broken Luck

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32 page A5, staple-bound softcover. Full color. New.

BROKEN LUCK is a full-color zine supplement for the science-fantasy tabletop RPG TROIKA! Be a Kid God. A Holy Beast. A minor deity or a powerful mortal being. Whoever you are, you’re an unlucky traveller and you’ve crossed the childish Gods. Now your life is a mess. You wander across the spheres and hide from the vengeful immortals. You seek their secret palace to take revenge and free yourself from their wretched curses.


  • Five Backgrounds - minor deities, fallen immortals, cursed wanderers, and more
  • Background to NPC conversion table + custom mien
  • 22 Major Arcana Tarot system, with spells, combo mechanics and curses
  • Six adventure sparks tables
  • Two godly minions NPCs + custom mien
  • Three god generation tables
  • Godly Curse table