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36 pages, staple-bound softcover, 5.5 x 8.5 inches. Black and white. New.

Oligarchy is a game of political horror, Rooted in Trophy. You play as rotten bastards: corrupt politicians, decadent aristocrats, and other greedy elites. You are each determined to maximize your own wealth and comfort while your actions tear society apart around you. Eventually, society will tolerate your abuses no more. But the iron confidence that is your privileged birthright makes you certain you will avoid that doom. You'll do anything to make sure you get yours (and get away with it).

Oligarchy includes three incursions, storylines to follow as your rotten bastards careen toward a doom they think they'll avoid:

  • Sleep Furiously (Theme: Greed) The more you accumulate the better you feel. You are a dragon among your hoard. Extracting and exploiting free lands and free hands, doing what the Market demands. You love, no, you LIVE for that. Where there's demands you will find the supply. Anything is a commodity if you're flexible enough.
  • Eye of a Needle (Theme: Collapse) They keep saying it's the End Times. That the Final Judgement hangs over all men's heads like Damocles' sword. Well, no Seven-Headed Dragon will keep you from fleecing the rubes as long as they let you. So what if the signs are becoming visible? They were always there if you had the eyes to see them.
  • Hindsight (Theme: Promises) Elections are a hopeful time, and the fine wool of hope makes a fine blind over ones eyes. This campaign makes many promises as the dust chokes half the nation and the floodwaters rise. Each one is a mask over your scheming and disdain.