Aberrant Reflections

Aberrant Reflections

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44 pages, 5.5" x 8" staple bound zine, purple, & black throughout. Includes PDF, handouts and VTT maps.

At the bottom of an ancient temple, beyond the mirror's edge, lies the spot where reality was sundered. Fortune and power await those who learn its secrets. A fate worse than death is reserved for those who fail. You’ve come to plunder the temple between worlds and gaze into its ABERRANT REFLECTIONS.

OSR-Style puzzle dungeons lean heavily on the exploration pillar of adventure games. They are a test of a player's ingenuity and designed to invoke the experience of suddenly understanding a previously incomprehensible problem or concept. “Aha!”

Aberrant Reflections is a puzzle dungeon roleplaying adventure module for low level characters (1–4).

It's compatible with B/X, old school, and modern fantasy rules with minimal conversion.

You’ll find within its 44 digest-sized pages:
- Problems, puzzles, and combat that encourages player creativity and understanding of their environment.
- Stunning art from Jacob Fleming, Del Teigler, Luke Broderick and Kiril Tchangov.
- New and wondrous magic items and fearsome creatures to keep your players curious and excited!
- A "control panel” layout design that’s easy for game masters to reference and run on-the-fly.

Content Warning: Aberrant Reflections contains elements of body horror. Depictions of such horror can be removed or happen “off-screen” without negatively impacting the adventure. Talk with your players beforehand about using safety tools in your game.