Churn, Stroke, Burn

Churn, Stroke, Burn

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240 pages, hardcover, A5. Full color. New.

"There exists a prophecy of unknown origin that they will fight to the death against the onslaught of piracy to protect the town, dying and ultimately summoning an army of servitors to exact their dying wishes. But that’s silly."

Three adventures all in a row. A town on the verge of collapse, a point crawl through (and under) the uneasy ocean, a depthcrawl directly into the eye of a hurricane. Includes monsters, treasures, a new class, an occupations table, and honestly lots more. There's just a lot of stuff in here.

Compatible with Dungeon Crawl Classics, and similar fantasy role-playing games. By Sean Richer, with art and cartography by Scrap Princess, Jonathan LaMantia, BachelorSoft, Amanda Lee Franck, Wind Lothamer, Glynn Seal, and Lone Archivist, and graphic design by J.Kap.