Coloring Book Dungeons

Coloring Book Dungeons

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20 page A5 staple-bound softcover. B&W. New. Includes PDF.

Colouring Book Dungeons is a collection of dungeon maps for your favorite RPG. Or maybe it's an image-based creative writing exercise. Or maybe it's a colouring book. Maybe it's all of the above, things can be three things. Here's what's inside:

  • Seven and a half hand-illustrated dungeons in an oddball isometric style
  • Room for you to add notes for each room of each dungeon
  • A new GM-less RPG for collaborative dungeon crawling
  • A textless D20 table of random treasures

I drew these with OSR play in mind, but they are definitely system-agnostic. Dungeons are 12-16 rooms, each with something interesting inside. The contents are designed to be somewhat ambiguous, to allow each user to have a unique take on the dungeons.