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A5, black & white, staple-bound. New.

Welcome to in*die zine, a new tabletop roleplaying zine of high-quality indie content!

inūüé≤die zine September 2020

Here's what you can find in this issue:

  • The In*die Network -¬†A manifesto on in*die zine‚Äôs mission¬†¬†(Author:¬†Zoe)

  • Exodus -¬†A game for 3-5 players about standing together when it all falls apart¬†(Author:¬†Andrew Grondin)

  • The Lonely Giant -¬†A solo journaling game about the last giant living in the lands of humankind¬†(Author:¬†Nick Wedig)

  • HyperHalfling's Loot Tables -¬†System-agnostic tables of unique and special treasures (Author:¬†The Hyper Halfling)

  • The Last Rebel -¬†A GM-less, card-based RPG where you play as the galaxy‚Äôs last hope (Author:¬†W.H. Arthur)

  • Premi√®re Partie¬†-¬†A collection of characters from *Les Miserables* as a single tabletop move (Author:¬†Logan)

  • A Wood Heart -¬†Trees have no tongues; but they speak to the heart (Author:¬†James Chip)

  • Rolling in the Aisles -¬†General advice for running comedic RPG adventures¬† (Author:¬†Dave Joria)

  • Loot it or Lose it -¬†Special items you might find left behind in any capitalist/consumer hellscape (Author:¬†Sam Gundaker)

  • Two // One -¬†A lyric game about posing and taking selfies as a thirty ton mecha (Author:¬†Vivian J)

  • The Maven Guide -¬†Drop-in locations for your RPG, written in a restaurant review format (Author:¬†Alda)

  • Artefact Affinity -¬†GM-less worldbuilding that uses a tarot deck to inspire scenes from an artifact‚Äôs history¬†(Author:¬†Nathan Blades)

  • Die20! -¬†Why dice are cancelled forever¬†(Author:¬†Julian K)

  • Gifts of Gods -¬†A one-page RPG about mythology and dying gods¬†(Author:¬†Steve Dee)

  • Songs and Poems for Yon Adventures -¬†For the bard in you¬†(Author:¬†Sen.H.H.S)

  • The Summoning -¬†A solo game about a familiar answering a call¬†(Author:¬†Nynphaiel)

  • Red Box Dawn : The Ballad of Bargle -¬†A retrospective piece on the trauma inflicted on a generation by the Red Box¬†(Author:¬†Andi Lennon)

  • Subject 3 Prone -¬†A lyric game inspired by the short film¬†This House Has People In It¬†(Author:¬†Georgie Bats)

inūüĒ•die zine December 2020

Our theme this time is GAMING FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE - changing the game by gaming the change! Get six thrilling games, four essential supplements,  three interesting articles and one smashing photo-comic for your gaming group today!

All proceeds go directly to the creators of this zine, and your support is a vote in support of the indie TTRPG scene!

  • In¬†Stealing the Throne, play a crew of thieves pulling off the greatest heist of all: stealing a giant mecha whose ownership grants immense power.
  • In¬†Die20!¬†II:¬†Killing Quests, dismantle the role of the quest-giver and seize the means of destruction.
  • In¬†To Graves Unknown, go it alone to investigate a mystery that unravels a sinister conspiracy.
  • In¬†The Summoning Part II, call a familiar to you from behind time and memory.
  • In¬†Gnawing Horror & Side Eye Tracers, find out what arcane mishaps happen when you fail to cast a spell in quite the way your mentor taught you.
  • In¬†Crocheted Adventurers, follow the adventures‚ÄĒand misadventures‚ÄĒof Juniper the Ranger, Caesura the Healer and Lolli the Fighter.
  • In¬†HyperHalfling's Loot, take a closer look at that shiny stuff you found, and take it to the best fence you know‚ÄĒit's worth more than you think.
  • In¬†Dynamic Duo, play superheroes with four colours and half as many stats.
  • In¬†Alternate Government Structures, do away with feudalism and monarchy, and make your fantasy world something much more punk.
  • In¬†Heterodoxy, smash the imperialist system as teenage witches guided by a mysterious iconoclast.
  • In¬†#SixMoves¬†Les Miserables Edition: Deuxieme Partie, play your favourite Les Mis characters and sing the song of angry men.
  • In¬†The Maven Guide, visit some extremely punk places and dismantle the forces of capitalism.
  • In¬†How I Balance Personal Identity Politics While Writing TTRPGs, get really cross about cultural hegemony in the TTRPG space.
  • In¬†inner conflict/cognitive dissonance, use your real life to examine why we hold conflicting opinions in our heads.

in‚ößÔłŹdie zine March 2021

Our theme this time is GENDER‚ÄĒnorms, expectations,¬†feels. Get four intriguing games, two interesting supplements for your table, one epic photocomic, and d66 sets of pronouns for your characters. Smash the patriarchy and deconstruct gender!

All proceeds go directly to the creators of this zine, and your support is a vote in support of the indie TTRPG scene!

Here's what you can find in this issue:

  • In¬†Die20! III: Revenge of the Cis, read about how RPGs lock us down to a single category and identity, and how and why we might want to rethink that.
  • In¬†Seven Rituals for Divination,¬†reflect on experiences of and relationships with gender.
  • In¬†d66 Pronouns, roll to find some innovative character pronouns.
  • In¬†Social Deconstruction, explore the social construction of gender by making and breaking your own gender system.
  • In¬†HyperHalfling's Lists, meet a selection of non-binary persons who may populate your game space.
  • In¬†Songs and Poems for Yon Adventures, find a song that is¬†definitely not a thinly veiled reference to how gender expression is taught to us.
  • In¬†There's a reason Knights have Shining Armour, babe, explore the themes of gender dysphoria through the disconnect of a person's values and the expectations of their knightly order
  • In¬†For The King: A Chess RPG, play¬†An RPG of struggle, duty, and rebellion on a 8x8 chessboard.
  • In¬†Crocheted Adventurers, meet a new character in this ongoing yarn.

in‚ö°die zine June 2021

Our theme this time is POWER in all its forms. Can you corrupt power? Absolutely, corrupt power! We dedicate articles, games, and supplements to power and powers in all their various forms.

All proceeds go directly to the creators of this zine, and your support is a vote in support of the indie TTRPG scene!

Here's what you can find in this issue:

  • In¬†Poems and Songs for Yon Adventure, add a conlang rebel anthem to your game!
  • In¬†Jane Reviews: Testament!, read our review of the latest roleplaying game from King James Publishing, The¬†Old Testament.
  • In¬†Design Dive: Power in Horror, learn about the design decisions behind the¬†Locus¬†horror roleplaying game.
  • In¬†Power in the Metagame, reflect on the¬†power dynamics between the GM and other players.
  • In¬†How to Feel Powerful, read about power fantasies and how they make you, the player, feel powerful.
  • In¬†Unionize, the RPG, organise a workforce and start your own union. Fictional, of course, unless...?
  • In¬†No Witches Just Superheroes, play superheroes at the time of witches, and don't let the bastards grind you down.
  • In¬†Yet Another Crocheted Adventure, see how our plucky (sigh) adventurers deal with making camp.
  • In¬†#SixMoves: Power Edition, get some more PbtA moves built around different kinds of power.
  • In¬†Hidden Within Walls, draw two maps of the same town, with one representing its power, and the other its strength.
  • In¬†Cheeky Robot Experiment, play an exasperated¬†scientist trying to make¬†a passive-aggressive robot do even the smallest task.
  • In¬†HyperHalfling's Lists #4, get some items (tangible and intangible) with which to wield power.
  • In¬†Die20!¬†IV: Powergaming Is F***ing Awesome, Actually, try to understand why minmaxing and powergaming are actually pretty fun, and one way to express yourself creatively.

in‚ėÄdie zine September 2021

Here's what you can find in this issue:

  • Ice Busters!¬†is a whimsical little physical game to be played in the shade on warm summer days
  • Summer Drinks for Summer Games¬†is a menu of games with summer vibes paired with mock- and cocktails to imbibe while playing
  • Die20! V: Play That F***ing Game¬†is about playing things like we did when we were kids - find a weird game and play it with your friends on the fly
  • Perfect Summer Body¬†is a game-spell to create the perfect summer body
  • Midsummer & Other Festivals¬†is part-supplement, part-article, all advice on creating festivals, holidays, and season rituals in your campaign world
  • Hay Babe¬†is a love story game of a farmer who fell in love with the worker they hired to make hay, and the memories that come to him as he feeds the hay out through the winter
  • HyperHalfling's List #5¬†is a set of tables of things you might find in the height of summer in your game
  • The Summer Lad and Autumn Lass¬†is a fan song about the tragic relationship that was Vaxleth in Critical Role
  • She Traveled, You Stayed / You Traveled, She Stayed¬†is a solo or duet game about two witches meeting thirty years after their last summer adventure
  • The Maven Guide 3.0¬†is a collection of yelp-style reviews of summery places you might find on your next adventure