Slipgate Chokepoint

Slipgate Chokepoint

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80 pages. A5, perfect-bound. Full color. New.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need a copy of the Stay Frosty tabletop RPG to use this book, available digitally for a very reasonable price on DrivethruRPG and, or in physical format on Lulu. You won't regret it!

Slipgate Chokepoint is a hack for Stay Frosty RPG which allows you to emulate the explosive action of the first 1990s 3D first-person shooter video games in tabletop roleplaying form. If your players are ready to suit up and save a beleagured planet earth against demonic hordes using explosives, shotguns and nailguns this is the book for you.

Inside you will find:

- Brand new rules for stunts, combat, armour and gibs
- An arsenal brimming with death-dealing technology
- A bestiary heaving with accursed cannon fodder
- A complete adventure: The Flayed Domain

and much, much more besides...


This is a reprint of the book by Andrew Walter and Paul Cronin from the successful Kickstarter in 2020. 80 pages softback on recycled paper, with colour interior maps and lushly rendered charcoal and ink drawings by Andrew Walter and Ambika Kirkland.