Wild Blue Yonder

Wild Blue Yonder

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A5, 32-page staplebound softcover. Color cover, B&W interior. New.

Beyond the crumbled towers and dusty tombs of the Known World lies an ancient land of rounded mountains and hazy woods. A land of fertile coves and forgotten hollers. Of isolated communities and overgrown footpaths snaking their way through the back of beyond. The Yonder Mountains call out to your bones - Flatfoot and Yonderfolk alike - setting you on a path of aimless wandering, woodcraft, whistling, and wishing! But watch what you say in the deep, dark Yonders - someone might just be listening...

Wild Blue Yonder is a thirtysomething-page RPG zine presenting a homegrown region that can easily be adapted or dropped into any campaign world. Hooks, NPCs, scenarios, factions, and tables abound in this handy little travel guide, providing any enterprising GM with enough tools to run the Yonder Mountains on the fly with little-to-no prep! Wild Blue Yonder is an old-school setting and as such is designed for use with  Old-School Essentials  from Necrotic Gnome.

Muckers plumb the depths for that which powers the ancient machines of the Old Ones, while Buckers brave the wooded hollers for rare and preternatural timber. Devils populate the wilds of the Yonders, offering up wants and have-nots in exchange for everlasting souls. In the Yonders, it's wit and grit that separates the fools from the damned fools.